Hello, Welcome to Yunjie Communication. We specialize in providing cross-border network technology services, including acceleration and optimization of the international Internet, MPLS-VPN in enterprises, SD-WAN, etc.

Three service projects Yunjie can do better.

Specializing in providing solutions for international Internet acceleration, MPLS-VPN, SD-WAN dedicated line access for enterprises.

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Main Business

Deliver one-stop international Internet connection service for your company

Direct route map to acceleration of Yunjie international Internet

The direct optical network can be linked to the following countries and regions, and the website can also be accessed in addition to those countries and regions.

Reasons for choosing us

The company has a strong system R & D team and after-sales team, with the principle of customer first.

Service Flow

One-stop service of international Internet acceleration for enterprises.

Pre-sales services Installation and debuggin After-sales services

Typical application scenarios

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Introduction to main business of Yunjie communication: Our main business includes "international Internet interconnection line, MPLS-VPN, SD-WAN, SMS service" and other integrated network solutions. The "wide bandwidth lines" of the three major operators in China are connected to our data centers, with overseas resources of 17 international Internet large bandwidth dedicated lines, which can be connected to operator’s network, providing you with high-quality integrated network solutions.