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Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing

Background of Intelligent Manufacturing

As the core of the national economy, manufacturing industry is the very foundation for building our country, rejuvenating our country, and strengthening our country. China is a big manufacturer but not a strong manufacturer. “Made in China 2025” indicates that at present, China's manufacturing industry is still in the stage of transition from industry 2.0 to industry 3.0, while the manufacturing powers in Europe and the United States have put forward the concept of industry 4.0, from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", to realize intelligent factory, intelligent production and intelligent logistics, and establish a highly flexible production mode of personalized and digital products and services. Therefore, digitalization is the only way to the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.On the way to digitalization, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are often faced with:

Difficulty in collaborative work: Transregional collaborative office at home and abroad is prone to communication interruption due to congested outlet of network, poor interconnection and other factors, thus affecting the work efficiency of enterprises.

Difficulty in e-mail system integration: Overseas e-mails are not sent and received in time. The external e-mail system is difficult to be integrated with the internal office system, resulting in the risk of internal information leakage and no guarantee of safety.

Limitation of overseas development: Overseas websites open slowly or cannot be opened. Access to information of overseas markets is blocked and overseas business is difficult to develop. Marketing cannot reach customers directly and accurately, not to mention the needs of customers fulfilled.

Poor localized service experience: Lack of online promotion platform in local language, non-conformity with customers' browsing habits and slow access to headquarters promotional materials and websites, which seriously affects the service experience.

Problems often encountered by intelligent manufacturing enterprises

So how can we solve the problem of international Internet acceleration of intelligent manufacturing enterprises?

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