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Solutions for International Education

Background of International Education

IEDU is the abbreviation of International education. International education refers to the global education beyond the country or can be called world education.

China's development in the field of international education has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years. According to the latest data from ISC Group, China now has the second largest number of international schools in the world, right after the United Arab Emirates. At this stage, the global market for international education is also growing rapidly, with demand far exceeding supply.

The main reasons for the increase of China's demand for international education are the trend of its labor force toward internationalization, the rapid growth of academic mobility at the level of higher education, and the growing dominance of English as a business language.

Then all kinds of problems, demands and difficulties of international Internet resources are presented one by one.

Common Problems in International Education

So how can we solve the problems of international education network?

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Introduction to solution channel of international education: Yunjie Communication provides international education enterprises with international Internet access, MPLS-VPN, SD-WAN and other network connection services. We own a strong technical team and are abundant in domestic and foreign network in our data centers. We are specialized in providing a series of network platform building programs such as remote office, remote management, ERP, VOIP, e-mail, video conference, FTP file transmission server for international education enterprises.