Hello, Welcome to Yunjie Communication. We specialize in providing cross-border network technology services, including acceleration and optimization of the international Internet, MPLS-VPN in enterprises, SD-WAN, etc.

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Business cooperation

Cooperation Advantages

Yunjie Communication (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is devoted to the Internet acceleration in enterprises, MPLS-VPN dedicated line, SMS, cloud call center and other integrated network solutions.

Quality advantage: A large number of POP point network resources at home and abroad, with optical networks throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and all over the world;

Technical advantage: A strong technical team to solve all kinds of network problems for customers, and escort your cooperation!

Service: Provide 24/7 hours of uninterrupted service all year round;

Price advantage: Fair, reasonable and win-win;

Cooperation concept: Voluntariness and equality, honest management, common development and win-win cooperation!

Agency Cooperation