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Solutions for Internet Healthcare

Background of Internet Healthcare

The healthcare industry is an industry closely related to the life and health of residents. At present, the urban healthcare system in China has been basically improved, and the rural and community healthcare system is gradually improving, and the healthcare industry steadily developing.

With the continuous development and maturity of Internet technology in China, some corresponding high-end technology applications based on the Internet are also undergoing changes, such as 5G and the Internet of Things, virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain. With the continuous breakthroughs of these technology applications, the evolution and popularization of intelligent terminals, and the health data of users will be more comprehensive and stereoscopic. A continuous and dynamic personalized health management system with user-oriented health big data as the base, disease prevention as the core, and user privacy and data security as the premise will finally be built. Through the end-to-end layout of health care, a large number of healthcare data can be deposited, and health insurance products can be priced more accurately, thus forming a healthy business ecosystem.

The “Internet plus healthcare”, like a raging fire, has been developing in recent years. The healthcare industry has undergone a gradual transformation from the former entity clinics and physical hospitals to the Internet healthcare. Now the Internet healthcare mode is developing abroad step by step.

Problems often encountered by internet healthcare

What can we do to solve the problems of Internet healthcare institutions?

Solution Architecture for Internet Healthcare

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Introduction to solution channel of “Internet plus healthcare” industry: Yunjie Communication solves professional Internet problems for cross border “Internet plus healthcare” industry, and fully assists Internet healthcare institutions to solve the problems of healthcare mutual aid and treatment at home and abroad.