Hello, Welcome to Yunjie Communication. We specialize in providing cross-border network technology services, including acceleration and optimization of the international Internet, MPLS-VPN in enterprises, SD-WAN, etc.

Cross-border networking optimization of Yunjie MPLS-VPN

Safe information transmission of enterprises is an important protection for their data. We provide Internet services with high quality, low latency, low packet loss rate and connection to China and global Internet.

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MPLS-VPN dedicated line

One-stop services for office Internet interconnection service for enterprises.

Brief introduction to Yunjie MPLS-VPN dedicated line services

MPLS-VPN refers to the construction of enterprise IP private Internet on backbone broadband IP Internet by using MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology in order to realize cross-regional, safe, high-speed and reliable multi-service communication including data, voice, image, etc. It can combine differential service, flow engineering and other related technologies to integrate efficiently reliable performance, good expansibility and rich functions of public Internet with the safety, flexibility and reliability of private Internet.

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Eight Advantages of Yunjie Products

Schematic diagram of Yunjie MPLS-VPN Internet

Enterprise MPLS-VPN dedicated line

MPLS-VPN is a platform Internet built on MSTP lines, which is based on the 2.5-layer link and implemented by the multi-label protocol. It is suitable for point-to-point communication with flexible networking, high security and effectiveness to save networking costs for enterprises.

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  • Advantages of Yunjie MPLS-VPN networking
Challenges of enterprise customers

Annual traffic growth of 30% +, high cost of enterprise interconnection.IPLC/IEPL:expensive and long deployment cycle.
Internet:affordable, easy to get.

Long deployment cycle of Internet and value-added servicescomplex Internet deployment process and low-efficiency manual configuration.

Low link utilization and poor experience in key applications.Mixed link and invisible applications.
Bandwidth conflict and difficult to guarantee key application experience.

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Optimized serverBGP serverQoS optimizationWAN automatic configurationData priority
Solution advantages

Full scene interconnection, flexible and secure WAN access.Rich WAN interface and VPN technology.

Network automatic deployment, device plug and playQuick start, business minutes open.

Hierarchical deployment, Internet elastic expansionMulti-point deployment scheme, flexible and dynamic networking.

Apply non-destructive experience, bandwidth utilization 62% - 90%7000 + custom, intelligent routing and acceleration.

Open API ecosystem, fast integration10 + mainstream VAS, support for multi-cloud connections (Huawei Cloud / Tencent Cloud / Alibaba Cloud / Tianyi Cloud / mobile cloud, etc.)

  • Multi-scene access, flexible WAN configuration

    Pop point deployment of Yunjie cloud Internet

    Cloud and Internet in one step

    Public cloud, DCI Technology with high-speed transmission

    Intelligent dual network, intelligent route

    Cloud control visualization management

  • On-demand use, flexible billing

    Automatic selection and optimization of network resources / traffic

    Any interconnection, QoS guarantee

    7×24 hours monitoring throughout the year

    One-to-one network experts operate and maintain

    Detailed network health report

Yunjie Communication· MPLS-VPN Implementation Solutions

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Prospects for Cooperation

Communication belongs to the key infrastructure of the company and the factory. As the main communication tool in the market and the important link of the company's economic operation, it is widely used in various industries with its unique functions and advanced technology. However, the concentration of suppliers and strong monopoly makes it easy for some factories to be passive. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the competitiveness of communication system within the company. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the society has entered the era of digitalization and informatization, and communication has occupied an increasingly important leading position. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to establish an effective communication system.

Resource Advantages


① One-stop services for all installation and debugging

② Low network delay, low packet loss rate and bit error rate, and fast speed

③ High-speed access to foreign websites, watching videos and sending and receiving foreign e-mails

Reasons for choosing us

The company has a strong system R & D team and after-sales team, with the principle of customer first.

Service Flow

One-stop service of international Internet acceleration for enterprises.

Pre-sales services Installation and debuggin After-sales services

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Brief introduction to Yunjie MPLS-VPN dedicated line: Yunjie’s MPLS-VPN can help enterprises solve the internal communication problems such as cross-border video conference, FTP file server transmission, remote monitoring, e-mail, VoIP, ERP, etc. Yunjie MPLS-VPN has fiber-optic point-to-point direct line and three major operators' wide band line access to our company's data centers which can connect with any operator's Internet with low network delay and packet loss rate, QoS intelligent bandwidth management, to ensure that customers make full use of bandwidth resources.