Hello, Welcome to Yunjie Communication. We specialize in providing cross-border network technology services, including acceleration and optimization of the international Internet, MPLS-VPN in enterprises, SD-WAN, etc.

Yunjie international Internet acceleration lines, a link to the rapid development of enterprises.

Dedicated line access makes it more secure and stable, more efficient and reliable.

Focus on enterprise network solutions for more than 10 years

17 plus international direct fiber access, with network covering all over the world.

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Acceleration and Optimization of International Internet

One-stop solutions for international Internet office acceleration services.

Introduction to Yunjie international Internet acceleration and optimization business.

We are a professional network service company, providing international Internet access services and integrated enterprise network solutions. Relying on our rich resources of overseas cooperative operators, we are continuing to provide customers with customized application services.

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Eight Advantages of Yunjie Products

Optical fiber direct line to 17 countries and regions

Yunjie Communication· Internet acceleration Solutions

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Communication belongs to the key infrastructure of the company and the factory. As the main communication tool in the market and the important link of the company's economic operation, it is widely used in various industries with its unique functions and advanced technology. However, the concentration of suppliers and strong monopoly makes it easy for some factories to be passive. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the competitiveness of communication system within the company. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the society has entered the era of digitalization and informatization, and communication has occupied an increasingly important leading position. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to establish an effective communication system.

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① One-stop services for all installation and debugging

② Low network delay, low packet loss rate and bit error rate, and fast speed

③ High-speed access to foreign websites, watching videos and sending and receiving foreign e-mails

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The company has a strong system R & D team and after-sales team, with the principle of customer first.

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One-stop service of international Internet acceleration for enterprises.

Pre-sales services Installation and debuggin After-sales services

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Brief introduction to Yunjie international Internet acceleration: International Private Leased Circuit is abbreviated as IPLC in English. Based on the existing Internet lines of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile on the client side, our company can optimize the Internet to achieve high-speed international Internet access. We take full advantages of its own Internet coverage and Internet management to develop products with high quality guarantee to access Internet of overseas enterprises and use for application data transmission for customers of Chinese and foreign enterprises. We provide the Internet solutions for slow Internet access to China or China for you.