Hello, Welcome to Yunjie Communication. We specialize in providing cross-border network technology services, including acceleration and optimization of the international Internet, MPLS-VPN in enterprises, SD-WAN, etc.

Provide enterprise with simpler, faster and more stable network maintenance.

Effectively deploy global Internet resources, help enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency, and accelerate the global expansion of business.

Yunjie is born for cross-border business and release the ultimate performance.

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Cross-border e-commerce solutions

Background of Cross-border e-commerce industry

With the development of economic globalization, many Chinese enterprises are engaged in overseas trade business, renting overseas servers and establishing their overseas websites, which has gradually become the trend of international development of cross-border trade enterprises and also established advantage of the international channel through the e-commerce platform. It helped enterprises to seize opportunities of the channel, improve transaction efficiency and reduce operating costs. However, cross-border enterprises in the e-commerce industry will encounter the following common problems when renting overseas servers:

The speed of opening the websites cannot be guaranteed, which affects the user experience, seriously affects the conversion rate of online sales, and eventually loses many high-quality potential customers.

The security of the system cannot be guaranteed, and it may cause the server to be intruded and illegally accessed by the outside due to the vulnerability of the website program and result in serious problems like the database leakage.

Common problems of cross-border E-commerce

What can Yunjie do for cross-border e-commerce enterprises?

  1. Flexible bandwidth
  2. Multi-personnel operation
  3. Easy management

Yunjie --- Born for cross-border business, release the ultimate performance, and help cross-border e-commerce enterprises calmly cope with cross- platform and multi-store operation.

Yunjie Internet transmission mode

Through the equipment provided by our company, we can set up the dedicated multi-protocol transmission channel for enterprises to our data centers. Our data center has the Internet lines of three telecommunication operators (China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile). No matter which telecommunication operator's line is adopted by the client, the corresponding telecommunication operator's line can be directly used for docking. Therefore, it can avoid the problems caused by the interconnection between telecommunication operators, reduce network packet loss and latency, and increase network stability. Our data center is equipped with BGP server and DNS server. If you need to access the websites in mainland China, you can directly access it through the local Internet. If you want to access the Internet, we can optimize it through the private Internet. The equipment in our data center has established detailed international IP address list and the system,which will automatically identify the access path in order to provide customers with high-speed foreign Internet access.

E-commerce industry solution architecture

Yunjie Communication & Scheme Advantages

Cooperation Cases

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The company has a strong system R & D team and after-sales team, with the principle of customer first.

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One-stop service of international Internet acceleration for enterprises.

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Introduction to cross-border e-commerce industry solution channel: Yunjie communication is an Internet company, specializing in international Internet optimization, which can provide cross-border e-commerce industry with Internet access services and solve international Internet operation promotion and management problems for cross-border e-commerce industry enterprises.