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Enterprise Direct connect solutions

Compatible with multiple cloud platforms access, we provide enterprises with the networking from "cloud servers, data centers or multi-branches", enabling you to enjoy any network interconnection, flexible configuration and intelligent scheduling among them, and obtain high-quality network connection and key application access on the cloud at a lower cost.

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Direct Connect

Direct Connect (DC) is a cloud service solution to provide high-quality and cross-datacenter dedicated network connection, which make it easy to help you establish an efficient, flexible, stable and secure private network connectivity between your premises and cloud, and realize reliable hybrid cloud deployment. By using Direct Connect, enterprises can set up a private connection to realize intelligent, visual and elastic cloud interconnection among local data center, mainstream public cloud and virtual private cloud(VPC), and solve problems of private network communications from different regions or different network environments.

Enterprises hybrid cloud networking facilitates the exchange of data in and outside the cloud

Access method: Physical fiber is connected from the client to our computer room, and then to the cloud.
Faced with the demand of enterprise cloud business, using DC can help users to realize cross-regional data exchange in and outside the cloud and quickly build a hybrid cloud environment. Direct Connect has a strong intelligent control ability and provides visual maintenance configuration interfaces, which can realize intelligent traffic scheduling, flexible billing, on-demand opening and other requirements. It can truly offer Network as a Service (Naas).

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